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News Season 2018-2019

  Sat.11-Sun.12 May 2019 Group A Series A1 - Season 18-19 Venezia-Varese 10-3 ◊◊ Udine-Varese 6-6
Saturday 11 MaySunday 12 May
In Multisports Terraglio Mestre (VE) - Via Arturo Penello 5/7. In Municipal Gym Buttrio (UD) - Via Lungoroggia 42.
Venezia vs Varese 7^ giornata 2018-19 Udine vs Varese 8^ giornata 2018-19
Skorpions can't keep up with the strong Venetians.
Goalscorers: Granzotto 5 - CorĂ² 2 - Jignea 2 - Giuge ◊◊◊ Ronsval 3.
Varese ahead up to the third period, reached in a tie by the madracs.
Goalscorers: Comino 5 - Masoli ◊◊◊ Mutti 3 - Ronsval 2 - Fattore.
With this defeat and draw, the possibility of qualifying for the playoffs fades for Varese, the championship made of ups and downs only makes us reach salvation in A1. The Skorpions do not stop, now begins the preparation for the 5th International GP Bulls Tournament, at the Indoor Sports Center in Eindhoven from 15 to 19 August 2019.
  Sun. 28th Apr. 2019 Group A Series A1 - Season 18-19 Sharks MZ vs Skorpions VA 10-7
At School Gym Bellani Monza - Via Silvio Pellico 15.
Monza vs Varese 10^ giornata 2018-19
Skorpions defeated without Factor, play the best game of the season at high rates, the result of the last intensive training sessions. Thanks to the commitment of the whole team and of Coach Maino. Worth noting are the 7 goals scored by an amazing Ronsval.
Goalscorers: Di Gesaro 5 - Muratore 5 ◊◊◊ Ronsval 7.
  Sun. 07th Apr. 2019 Group A Series A1 - Season 18-19 Magic TO vs Skorpions VA 1-1
At Sports Center Parri Torino - Via Tiziano Vecellio 45.
Torino vs Varese 9^ giornata 2018-19
Varesini despite the absence of the disqualified Ronsval, manage to keep the result 1-0 until the middle of the 4th time, unfortunately Tolla then manages to equalize. However, the result is positive, so we reach our minimum target of staying in a series A1.
Goalscorers: Tolla ◊◊◊ Mutti.
  Sun. 3rd Mar. 2019 Group A Series A1 - Season 18-19 Skorpions VA vs Madracs UD 3-5
At Municipal Sports Hall Besnate (VA), Via Vittorio Veneto.
Varese vs Udine 8^ giornata 2018-19
Balanced game, on 2 to 2, up to a few minutes from the beginning of the third fraction, when a control requested by the Madracas Udine, it turns out that the speed of the wheelchair Andrea Ronsval is out of standard with consequent expulsion from the field of the player Skorpions Varese. From that moment the game has been steered in favor of the team of Udine that has imposed itself with the final result of 3 to 5. Great Fattore, which despite outnumbered, manages to achieve the third goal.
Goalscorers: Ronsval 2 - Fattore ◊◊◊ Comino 4 - Masoli.
  Sun. 24th Feb. 2019 Group A Series A1 - Season 18-19 Skorpions VA vs Blue Devils GE 6-3
At Municipal Sports Hall Besnate (VA), Via Vittorio Veneto.
Varese vs Genova 6^ giornata 2018-19
Today the Skorpions have made their honor, a great home game. Beaten the Blue Devils Genoa.
Goalscorers: Fattore 3 - Ronsval 3 ◊◊◊ Catania 2 - Sciuva.
  Sun. 3rd Feb. 2019 Group A Series A1 - Season 18-19 Skorpions VA vs Sharks MZ 6-7
In Municipal Sports Hall Besnate (VA), Via Vittorio Veneto.
Varese vs Monza 5^ giornata 2018-19
The Lombard Derby has been very hard fought until the end, the Sharks appear.
Goalscorers: Ronsval 6 ◊◊◊ Di Gesaro 5 - Muratore 2.
  Sun. 20th Jan. 2019 Group A Series A1 - Season 18-19 Skorpions VA vs Magic TO 8-3
In Municipal Sports Hall Besnate (VA), Via Vittorio Veneto.
Varese vs Torino 4^ giornata 2018-19
The Skorpions regain their shine after a long break. Great emotion and emotion for the loss of the Captain: for our three strikers to score, for the bench and for the fans. We are convinced that Claudio also enjoyed the victory with pride.
Goalscorers: Mutti 3 - Fattore 2 - Ronsval 2 - Autogoal ◊◊◊ Donin 2 - Tolla 1.
  Sat. 9th Feb. 2019 Group A Series A1 - Season 18-19 Skorpions VA vs Black Lions VE 3-10
In Municipal Sports Hall Besnate (VA), Via Vittorio Veneto.
Varese vs Venezia 2^ giornata 2018-19
Skorpions keep up to the 2nd quarter under 2 to 1, then nothing can against the Italian Champions!
Goalscorers: Fattore 2 - Ronsval ◊◊◊ CorĂ² 3 - Jignea 3 - Granzotto 2 - Salvo 2.
  Sat. 10th Nov. 2018 Group A Series A1 - Season 18-19 Blue Devils GE vs Skorpions VA 6-5
At the Tea Benedetti Multi-Sports Center Sestri Pon. (GE) Via Borzoli 21.
Genova vs Varese 1^ giornata 2018-19
Bitter transfer for the Skorpions, defeated by the Blue Devils... We'll do it again, come on guys!!!
Goalscorers: Tortora 3 - Sciuva 2 - Cordero ◊◊◊ Ronsval 3 Fattore 2.
  Fri. 27th July 2018 Season 2018 - 2019 Official Group Wheelchair Hockey

Series A1 2018-2019

Series A2 2018-2019

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