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Italian National Meetings and Events

  24 Sep.- 01 Oct. 2018 Powerchiar Hockey World Championship 2018 ITALY IS WORLD CHAMPION!!!
At Bella Italia EFA Village.
image logo Italy 2018
image Italy World Champion
The final day of the electric wheelchair hockey world championships saw the triumph of the Italian national team, in a small stadium full of fans, who beat Denmark by winning on penalties 3 to 2. Great celebration not only for the hosts but for all the participants, as a right conclusion, of an event.

A memorable event finished in the best way with the closing ceremony and the great final party with great participation of all those present, who brought great emphasis on the entire national and international movement of electric wheelchair hockey. An event that will remain forever #asneverbefore.
  13-17 July 2016 European Powerchiar Hockey Championship 2016 ITALY Prestigious 2nd place!!! Holland wins!
At Sporthal de Oosterven - De Rijp, Alkmaar, The Netherlands.
Complete Schedule and Results
Schedule EC 2016
Italy of Wheelchair Hockey wins a prestigious and historical second place at the European Championships of Wheelchair Hockey. For the first time in its history, the National reached such an important milestone.

The final was dominated by the very strong Dutch education for 7 to 2. Moreover, at present, you could not do or claim. A Thanks to Mr. Saul Vadala and Alessandro Marinelli authentic protagonists of this success and the entire staff for their outstanding work. The CT, Saul Vadala, explains the blue happened: "This journey lasted two years, in different stages, we have grown along the way.

We had to prove to ourselves and to others to be improved. Of course no one expected this success, but we have shown on the field to be improved and to be able to play with everyone. The last big step to be done is to get closer to a team like the Netherlands still technically and tactically far superior to us".

This should be a stimulus for players and their staff in order to further improve this distance. The future will see him tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy this silver medal. After we will evaluate with the staff and players such aspects have yet to improve and we will prepare as well at the next event.
  Thu. 16th June 2016 Twinning National Basketball - Italian Wheelchair Hockey Two National, only one color, the blue.
At 21.30 at “Grand Hotel Trento” in Trento Piazza Dante 20.
Twinning Italian National Basketball and Italian National Wheelchair Hockey
“Two National, only one color, the blue” ...

It was just a slogan, initially, then the encounter, the exchange of glances, a handshake and everything is “dissolved” in a choral emotion that swept all.

A meeting between the National Basketball and our blue, which indelibly marks a “historic” for our movement.

When one of the greatest athletes in the world, Marco Belinelli, says: “The real sports are you, we are nothing in comparison”, well a chill can not have crossed the body of everyone present.
  26-27 February 22016 6 FIWH-UILDM Nations Italy is Second! Winning Finland.
At Sports Hall Ge.Tur in Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD), Viale Centrale.
Poster 6 Nations Qualifying rounds:
group A - February 26th
Flag Italy Italy - Slovenia Flag Slovenia 25-1
Flag Finland Finland - Slovenia Flag Slovenia 16-3
Flag Italy Italy - Finland Flag Finland 2-3
group B - February 26th
Flag Switzerland Switzerland - Germany Flag Germany 8-1
Bandiera Denmark Denmark - Switzerland Flag Switzerland 8-4
Flag Germany Germany - Denmark Flag Denmark 3-4
Ranking group A points
Flag Finland Finland 4
Flag Italy Italy 2
Flag Slovenia Slovenia 0
Ranking group B points
Flag Denmark Denmark 4
Flag Switzerland Switzerland 2
Flag Germany Germania 0
Semifinals - February 27th
Flag Finland Finland - Switzerland Flag Switzerland 3-2
Flag Denmark Denmark - Italy Flag Italy 2-4
Final - February 27th
5-6 place Flag Slovenia Slovenia - Germany Flag Germany 2-7
3-4 place Flag Denmark Denmark - Switzerland Flag Switzerland 4-3
1-2 place Flag Finland Finland - Italy Flag Italy 6-4
Final Ranking
1 Flag Finland Finland
2 Flag Italy Italy
3 Flag Denmark Denmark
4 Flag Switzerland Switzerland
5 Flag Germany Germany
6 Flag Slovenia Slovenia
The competition has highlighted the great work that the blue team, led by the Technical Commissioner Saul Vadalá and his deputy Alessandro Marinelli, is building, confirming the quality of the two-year program of technical-tactical team growth that began in November 2014 in Modena. The end result was beyond all expectations. Italy came to the brink of victory in the competition by winning the second place behind Finland (third in the world ranking) after the defeat on penalties (final result 6-4).
  21-22 November 2015 Meeting BUTYROSE Italy is ready!
At the Multisports Terraglio in Mestre (VE), A. Penello 5/7.
Meeting Butyrose in Mestre
Saturday 21st 11.30 - The first match of the weekend sees the Azzurri Mestre impose on Black Lions measuring 5-4.

Saturday 21st 18.00 - The second test match of the day sees Italy prevail 8-0 with a net on Slovenia. The duo Vadalà-Marinelli row the same starting five fielded this morning in the match against the Black Lions (Vandelli, Vittadello, Jignea, Muratore, Farcasel). The second portion of the game, given the wide margin of advantage, has allowed the technical staff to rotate the actual available. Proof in convincing whole.

Sunday 22nd 10.30 - The curtain falls on Butyrose Meeting of Mestre, which has seen our National impose itself in all the matches, Tia Muratore a big sweep, Italy vs. Slovenia 9-1.
  26-28 September 2015 Feed the Passion - Powerchair Hockey Tournament Italian National Won.
At Sports Hall Salvador Allende in Cinisello Balsamo (MI) 20092 Italy, Via XXV Aprile 3.
26th Saturday
10:00 Flag Italy Italy - Swiss Flag Switzerland 2-1
11:30 Flag Denmark Denmark - Dream T. MI Dream Team MI 5-4
14:00 Dream Team MI Dream Team MI - Swiss Flag Switzerland 7-2
15:30 Flag Italy Italy - Denmark Flag Denmark 8-2
17:00 Flag Switzerland Swiss - Denmark Flag Denmark 3-8
Feed the Passion - Powerchair Hockey Tournament
27th Sunday
09:00 Flag Italy Italy - Dream Team MI Dream Team MI 3-3
10:30 Flag Italy Italy - Denmark Flag Denmark 9-4
Ended the tournament FEED THE PASSION, sponsored by Milan EXPO 2015 and in collaboration with the Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo, which has involved the National Teams of Italy, Switzerland, Denmark and the locals Dream Team of Milan reinforced by excellent players that have been the mainstay of the Italian (Tiziano Fattore, Tommaso Liccardo and Andrea Ronsval).
  Wed.6-Sun.10 Aug. 2014 World Championship 2014 EWH Won Holland, Italy only seventh.
At Eissportstadion Olympiapark Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21 - 80809 M√ľnchen Germany.
Fattore Strength Blue 2014
Final Ranking
  1 Netherlands flag Netherland
  2 Belgium flag Belgium
  3 Finland flag Finland
  4 Denmark flag Denmark
  5 Germany flag Germany
  6 Switzerland flag Switzerland
  7 Italy flag Italy
  8 Australia flag Australia
The Italian National unfortunately reached only seventh place, won the world the strong Netherlands.
Group Results view - Playoff Results and Semifinalsi view - Final Results view
  Sun. 16th Feb. 2014 National Meeting ITALIAN Wheelchair Hockey ITALY vs Skorpions VA 7-3.
At the Municipal Sports Hall in Besnate (VA) Via Vittorio Veneto.
Poster 10th years Poster 10th years Varese plays, loses and having fun !!! - It was a good test, ahead of Sunday's 23rd home game Sharks Monza.
  Sun. 29th Sept. 2013 National Meeting ITALIAN Wheelchair Hockey ITALIA vs Skorpions VA 5-1.
At 10.00 am at the Gym Medium Schools Somma Lombardo (VA) Via Marconi 6.
Poster Meeting Italy in September 2013
Friendly: Italian National - Skorpions Varese.
image Italy vs Skorpions VA
Wonderful experience for Varese defeat after 4 regular time for 5 to 1, including three own goals, a good test anyway.
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