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History From a small Desire ..... a BIG Reality.
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Our awards

  • 2004 - Revelation team, coming in 3rd place of the final stages of the Championship.
  • 2005 - Team records, winning Championship and Italian Cup.
  • 2006 - It was to be the year of confirmation, unfortunately happened in part, managing to win only the Italian Cup and coming in 3rd place in the Championship.
  • 2007 - We can mend the chest shield Tricolore and to win the 1st Italian Super Cup.
  • 2008 - Even a double win Scudetto and Italian Cup. Germany May we win the 2nd place in the 8th Edition “Römer Cup”.
    In October we arrive at 4° placed in the “5& deg; International Hockey Tournament E-Zurich (CH)”.
  • 2009 - Coupled Scudetto and Italian Super Cup. In August we placed in 3rd place in the “ Champions Cup ” in Germany against the six winning teams championships: Germany (1° Torpedo Ladenburg) - Finland (2° Helsinki Outsider) - Belgium (4° Gidos Screamers) - Switzerland (5° Rolling Thunder Bern) - Czech Republic (6° EWSC Lita Sport Prague).
  • 2010 - Conquest of the Scudetto. October 2010 finally the first European award, won the “6° International Hockey Tournament E-Zurich (CH) ”. Lost the Italian Cup final against Roma Thunder, unfortunately a plein year fails.
  • 2011 - Unfortunately this year we also lose the Super Cup, and possess only the third place in the championship. In late July, the Skorpions enter history as European Vice Champion in the “Champions Cup” which it was held in Frankfurt in Germany, losing only in the final against the hosts Home “Torpedo Ladenburg”.
  • 2012 - This is the year “NO”, for the first time Varesini fail to qualify for the final stages of the championship, being third in their group. Even in the Italian Cup stop to the quarterfinals, losing to the Coco Loco PD, revelation team of 2012, ranking second to the National Finals. Seconds in the 7° International Hockey Tournament E-Zurich (CH). The positive year for the second team that closes honorably their group in third place behind the strong Tigers BZ and Sen Martin MO.
  • 2013 - Third in Group B of the Serie A1. Not qualified for the Playoffs. Third classified 9ª Edition “Römer Cup ”. Third classified in 10th Anniversary tournament dedicated to the 10 years of its foundation, the Germans behind the Torpedo Ladenburg and winning Coco Loco Padova.
  • 2014 - Third in Group B of the Serie A1. Not qualified for the Playoffs. Fourth in the 8° International Hockey Tournament E-Zurich (CH).
  • 2015 - Third in Group B of the Serie A1. Not qualified for the Playoffs. The team is divided into A and B and the 2° International tournament in Varese are placed respectively at 9° and 11° place out of twelve teams, the victory goes to veterans Torpedo Ladenburg (DE).
  • 2016 - Fifths in Group B of the Serie A1. Not qualified for the Playoffs.

June 2003

It all starts with an idea born, by chance. A dream in a drawer, difficult to achieve. But you know, when we want something at all costs and with the right determination ... we can reach the target with satisfactory results. This is precisely the case of the Skorpions Varese .
Captain Carelli, at that time played in Monza, he had won a tricolor and was already captain of the national team. Any player he was happy and proud of himself, but something was missing, had a fixed idea in the head: his team found a whole . The enterprise seemed everything except easy. But who knows ... fate, fortuitous, you will never know, but in June 2003 was organized by the UILDM of Varese and by Sharks Monza , a wheelchair hockey tournament (Hockey electric wheelchair) in Besnate. The number of visitors was great, there was even television. When it was time to start unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the players were missing and asked some of the spectators to throw into the fray. They were forced four people, and who were they? Yes !!! Just them !!! Tiziano Fattore, Annamaria Cremona, Luca Mercuri and Gianfranco Santeramo .

At that time was the turning point, Carelli realized that his dream was one step away from becoming reality. For now the group had six athletes: the captain, the four new entries and always from Monza, Michele Sanguine. Two months later, the team was joined another player, Fabio Mantiero, who discovered the existence of this team in a more than fortuitous. She read in the newspaper that Monza requested players and immediately got in touch with Gigi Parravicini, and he very successfully, against his interest, informed him of the birth of this team in the province of Varese. He immediately called Carelli and immediately got involved in a magical world beyond imagination. Shortly after also he added the coach Claudio Moretta joined by Luca Maino as vice. All was made possible by several key elements: the will of the players and their families, the support of the UILDM of Varese, the availability of the City of Besnate for use of the gym Saturday afternoon for training and Sunday for the games, and absolutely the help of sponsors, Colombo Daniele and Group Reha Media with the granting of power chairs, all the equipment (jerseys, tracksuits, bats and playing field) and technical support mechanic with wheel workshop. All the right elements at the right time!

The desire to learn was so great, the will to even more, and each time you ride on the team was born the awareness of being a great group of potential.
The baptism of fire would come in a few months you with a tournament attended by: Monza, Milano and Genova. The curiosity in the air was skyrocketing, everyone wanted to see the Skorpions Varese at work. Leaving everyone stunned and seriously worried, red white deservedly won the tournament, serving as the team revelation.
On that day he joined the last player of the season: Matteo Mutti. A fluke? Or actually there were potential? In October the team was invited to Bologna for a triangular with the hosts and the fearsome, third in Italy for two years, Dolphins Ancona. It was no accident! The Skorpioncini also won that tournament. Were then invited to Milan Forum Assago where they found themselves playing with vice-champions of Italy !!!
Amazing, won there too, then losing the final of the tournament with Milano on penalties after a pulled 1 to 1 !!!
On 15 October 2003 was set up the ASD Skorpions Varese, and elected the President Colombo Daniele, Vice-President Claudio Carelli and the Councillors Carelli Giordano and Fattore Ernesto. We arrive in February 2004. Start the 1° Championship !!! The tension was palpable on the faces of the players, qualify for the finals was already a result. The team came second in their group on goal difference, and tore a ticket to S. Benedetto del Tronto. For all was already an achievement, even get eighths was fine but ... befell the Dolphins Ancona with the desire for revenge but Varese played perhaps their best game, accessing the quarters !!! Unfortunately they found themselves against the champions Italy of Dream Team Milano. The match was very tight, and the Milan experience made her mistress, the Skorpions remained the final third to fourth place finish ever hoped early in the season. Thunder against the Roma, the game was fantastic and ended 4-3 for Varese! Unbelievable!
In one year, finish third in the league, as the beginning nothing I would say bad !!!
2005 has begun with two new signings, Antonio Corcillo in the role of defender and Luca Ghiglioni as a goalkeeper. The Skorpions have gone with the wind in their sails slipping four fantastic victories by scoring 45 goals and conceding only 5 !! The Dream Team is alerted, the Skorpions are more pungent last year and point to the field “Tricolor” !!!

From a desire ... here's what can happen.
Claudio Carelli.

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