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Registered Office Via Piaggio 41 21040 Besnate (VA) Lombardia Italy
VAT number 02125760021
Administrative Headquarters - c/o L.V. Centro Lab. Dati S.a.s. Via Battaglia S. Martino 50/B 21030 Cuveglio (VA) Lombardia Italy +39 332-650979 +39 332-624226
Claudio Carelli silverhawk@tin.it +39 331-219555
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Sun. 30th Apr. 2017 in Besnate (VA) - Last season's game for Varese, at home against the Sicilian Lions, lost 7 to 2.
Sun. 2nd Apr. 2017 Sciacca (AG) - Undertaking performed, the Skorpions back from Sicily by beating Leoni Sicani 7-6.
18-19 Mar. 2017 Rome and Viterbo - Skorpions defeated by the Thunder 4-1 and Vitersport victorious with 4-1.
Sun. 12th Mar. 2017 Besnate (VA) - Skorpions keep well the first two times. Venice comes out victorious 6-3.
Sat. 25th Feb. 2017 Turin - Against the Magic, Varese suffers, and snatches a draw at 3-3.
Sun. 11st Dic. 2016 Besnate (VA) - Skorpions defeated 7-5 at home by Vitersport.
Mon. 5th Dic. 2016 - It's official!!! Andrea Ronsval and Chiara Lagana are the new players of the Skorpions, Welcome.
Sat. 1st Oct. 2016 - Forum Assago (MI) - 18th Memorial Frattini, third place for Varese, winning the Venetians Lions.
Sat. 7th May 2016 - Falconara Mar. (AN) - Group B series A1 2015-16 - Varese remodeled and defeat ends the Season.
31 Oct. - 1 Nov. 2015 - Torino. In the 1st Champions Cup, for the twenty years of FIWH, Skorpions are fifths.
12-13 September 2015 - II° Varese International Tournament - The puncture does good of "Skorpions".
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  Sun. 30th Apr. 2017 Group B Series A1 - Season 16-17 Skorpions VA vs Leoni Sicani AG 2-7
At Municipal Sports Hall in Besnate (VA), Via Vittorio Veneto.
Varese vs Agrigento 10^ giornata 2016-17
Last season's game for Varese, at home against the Sicilian Lions, lost 7 to 2.
Goalscorers: Garofalo 4 - Caruana 3 −− Battaglin 1 - Own goal 1.
  Sun. 2nd Apr. 2017 Group B Series A1 - Season 16-17 Leoni Sicani AG vs Skorpions VA 6-7
At Marquee Hall “Nino Roccazzella” Sciacca (AG) c/da Perriera.
Agrigento vs Varese 9^ giornata 2016-17
The Skorpions commit an enterprise, in Sicily, against the Leoni Sicani victorious by 7 to 6. Go Skorpions go!!!!
Goalscorers: Garofalo 4 - Caruana 1 - Nicolosi 1 −− Ronsval 4 - Fattore 3.
  18-19 Mar. 2017 Group B Series A1 - Season 16-17 Roma-Varese 4-1 and Viterbo-Varese 1-4
Sat. 18 March Campo dei Miracoli in Roma - Via Poggio Verde 455. Sun. 19 March Gym S. Maria della Veritá in Viterbo - Via Oslavia 2a.
Roma vs Varese 7^ giornata 2016-17 Viterbo vs Varese 8^ giornata 2016-17
He has revised the spirit of Skorpione, 4-stroke 4 different formations, all competitive. Everyone has done his, fielding determination, commitment and heart. We are on the right track, I emphasize the fact that we have not received even a green card, congratulations to all !!!
Goalscorers: Malcotti 2 - Bortulozzi 1 - Ferrazza 1−Fattore 1.
The commitment shown by the Thunder is confirmed with today's victory against Vitersport in Viterbo.
Goalscorers: Izzo 1 −− Ronsval 2 - Fattore 1 - Own goal 1.
  Sun. 12th Mar. 2017 Group B Series A1 - Season 16-17 Skorpions VA vs Black Lions VE 3-6
At Municipal Sports Hall in Besnate (VA), Via Vittorio Veneto.
Varese vs Venezia 6^ giornata 2016-17
Skorpions keep well the first two times 3-2 to Venice. Eventually it ends 6 to 3 for Black Lions.
Goalscorers: Ronsval 2 - Fattore 1 −− Coró 2 - Giliberti 2 - Jignea 1 - Salvo 1.
Sun. 30th Apr. 2017 - Skorpions vs Leoni Sicani 2-7
Group B Series A1 - Season 16-17
Varese vs Agrigento 10^ giornata 2016-17
Last season's game for Varese, at home against the Sicilian Lions, lost 7 to 2. Goalscorers: Garofalo 4 - Caruana 3 −− Battaglin 1 - Own goal 1.

Season 2016-2017 - Series A1

Group B Pts P W D L Goals GD
1 img Black Lions VE Black Lions VE 28 10   1   1 - 49 : 19 30
2 img leoni sicani ag Leoni Sicani AG 17 10   5   2   3 43 : 35   8
3 img thunder roma Thunder Roma 17 10   5   2   3 36 : 19 17
4 img Vitersport vt Vitersport VT 12 14   4 -   6 38 : 40 - 2
5 img Skorpions VA Skorpions VA 10 10   3   1   6 31 : 49 -18
6 img Magic TO Magic TO   2 10 -   2   8 16 : 51 -35


1st of Play-Offs
2nd of Play-Offs
Relegated to A2
  • Coco Loco Coppa Italia
    Italian Cup 2011-12 Sun, 16th September 2012 - Modena
    With a score of 5 to 3 the Coco Loco Padova take home the trophy of the Italian Cup by beating the Thunder Rome . A boost in the Coco Loco had her hips up: playing with the sign of mourning on the jersey and have dedicated their victory to Stefano D'Andrea, who died on 13 September. Was of Pordenone and his passion for wheelchair hockey led him to move to Padova every week for workouts.
  • Varese-Roma Supercoppa 2011
    Italian SuperCup 2011 Thu, 16th June 2011 - Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD).
    After the Italian Cup, the Super Cup fades too, lose the red&white measuring 2 to 1 against the Capitoline good at breaking the game and take advantage of opportunities to hit. Goalscorers: Fattore 1 --- Malcotti 1 - Ferrazza 1.
  • 14° Memorial Frattini
    14° Memorial "Bruno Frattini". Sat, 27th october 2012 - Assago (MI).
    The Skorpions win for the second consecutive year the Memorial Bruno Frattini, at the Assago Forum in Milan, in the semifinals by beating the vice champions Italy Coco Loco PD and the hosts in the final of the Dream Team MI.
    Order participating teams:
    1) Skorpions VA
    2) Dream Team MI
    3) Coco Loco PD
    4) Blue Devils GE
    5) Magic TO
    6) All Blacks GE.
  • Skorpions Zurigo 2012
    7° Zürich Intern. Tournament Sat, 7th october 2012 - Uster (CH).
    The Skorpions find the smile.
    Only bad luck was able to stop the Skorpions that in Zürich are back big. On the occasion of the tournament that every two years in Switzerland recalls the best teams in Europe, Varese's wheelchair hockey team gave the show, losing only in the final. Throughout the tournament, Claudio Carelli's electric wheelchair has worked in fits and starts, preventing the captain to move as he wanted. Nevertheless, Besnate's guys have excelled in their group, with three wins and one draw.
  • Skorpions Heidelberg 2013
    9ˆ Römer Cup 2013 Sat, 1st june 2013 - Heidelberg (DE).
    The Skorpions frighten Torpedo.
    Three wins, two draws and one loss, these are the results obtained by Skorpions Varese in the International Tournament of Heidelberg (DE) to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Team of Torpedo Ladenburg, victorious in the final 5-4 against the Outsiders Helsinki thanks to Golden Goal in extra “Oguz”. Back the smile to Moretta's team after the storm broke out in Italy between disqualifications and appeals that have them excluded from the national finals. The praise of the experts (coaches, referees and organizers) pop up Varese's team disappointment, that place in the final three quarters, the asphalt Gp Bulls Eindoven 6 to 3. [Read Article]
  • Skorpions Zurigo 2014
    8° Zürich Intern. Tournament Sun, 8th june 2014 - Zurigo (CH).
    4° place for Skorpions.
    Ancora una volta gli Skorpions non si smentiscono, a livello Europeo si confermano tra le prime quattro migliori squadre. Nel girone i primi tre incontri sono stati vittoriosi, ma nulla possono quando affrontano gli stratosferici "Nazionali Olandesi" Kamal Tahtahi e Dennis Van Den Boomen del Team De Pont Rotterdam perdendo con un secco 10 a 1. Passando alla semifinale i Varesini affrontano come spesso accade gli Olandesi GP Bulls Einhoven, questa volta rispetto alle precedenti, devono arrendersi al gioco del tre mazze forti Van der Heijden - Kemenade - Sanders perdendo 7 a 1. Nella finale per il 3-4 posto i biancorossi sfiorano la vittoria fino a pochi minuti dalla fine sul 2 a 1 nei confronti dei Tedeschi Torpedo Ladenburg, il solito Emmering grazie all'espulsione temporanea di Mantiero, per doppia e dubbia ammonizione, recupera e chiude la partita sul 2 a 3. Un bel passo avanti che ci farà ben sperare per la prossima stagione, come sempre forza Skorpions!!!
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